Healthy Activities During Quarantine: Learning An Instrument


The world has been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic for months now and most countries with cases have instituted methods to curb the spread of the virus. One of these methods is locking down businesses, places of public gathering, and order that people stay at home. Though this is bad for the economy and the lifestyle of most people it still presents an opportunity to do a lot of things with the time. This could be that off-time you have been praying for to allow you to learn how to cook, learn how to play a new instrument like the vintage guitar, and learn a new language. While we hope and pray that this pandemic ends soon use the time to better yourself.

In this article, we explore some healthy activities to engage in during quarantine. Check out our list of these activities. 

Healthy Activities During Quarantine 

  1. Learn How to Play an Instrument: this is a worthwhile activity to get into during this period. Have you ever desired to learn to play an acoustic guitar, the piano, or maybe the trumpet? This is your opportunity, some several applications and websites offer lessons on how to play an instrument, you could check them out. Whether you have the instrument or not there are a variety of websites that can help you, for the piano you can try JoyTunes, they would teach you how to play without an instrument by using your phone. You can learn how to play the acoustic guitar by watching videos on YouTube, you could also get the Music Tutor application that offers a variety of lessons including how to read musical notes which would aid your learning of an instrument. Try this activity out and you are sure to get value for the time you spend.
  2. Learning How to Cook: it is no lie that many of us do not know how to cook and have always wished we knew how to. Cooking has several advantages, it helps calm the mind, reduce stress, even when you want to go on a diet it is good to cook what you eat and it is a basic life skill that is important for people to have. This quarantine period is the best time to learn how to cook if you do not already know how to, and brush up on your cooking skills if you already know how to cook; try out those recipes you have always wanted to learn. There are many ways to achieve this, you could learn from websites, applications, cookbooks or ask someone close that knows how to cook to teach you. You could learn how to make different meals, from simple to elaborate dishes, from one course to five-course meals, there is no limit.
  3. Learning How to Speak a New Language: the more languages you learn the more people in the world you can communicate with, this opens more parts of the world to you. Have you ever wanted to learn a new language, some exotic foreign language that you admire but have never had the time or opportunity to learn?  Well, this is your opportunity. There are several ways you could go about it from using apps like Duolingo, taking online classes or using dictionaries, this quarantine affords you the opportunity and time so make the most of it and you would be happier for it.
  4. Physical Activities Indoors: you can use this opportunity to do your workout routines indoor since most gyms are closed and at the end of this period you could have the body you’ve always desired.