How to Use Essential Oils for Kids

If you are a health conscious person, then chances are you’ve heard about essential oils. These highly concentrated fragrances offer a wide range of health benefits; however, the level of high concentration they usually possess may be far too much for young children. If you have kids, then you know how curious and spontaneous they can be, and this may mean keeping some essential oils in your house, could pose an issue. Continue reading for information, tips, and child-safe essential oils for the whole family.

Using Essential Oils with Care

Keeping your children safe is always the top priority when dealing with highly concentrated substances such as essential oils, so using caution is always advised. If you have non-kid-friendly essential oils, then make sure to keep them somewhere out of reach. If you want to safely use essential oils with your kids, make sure to always read the directions first on how to properly dilute the solution.

Essential Oils that are Safe for Kids

Getting your kids excited to be a part of healthy activities and helping them learn about healthy substances can be such an amazing experience for your family. This is why finding family friendly natural products can be so important.

When using essential oils, there is a level of caution required, especially when children are involved. Fortunately, there is an easy solution, try kid-safe essential oils so that your whole family can benefit.

If you don’t know where to look, try Plant Therapy, a brand of pure, natural products and specially blended oils just for kids. They are a family run business that is dedicated to helping people be happier, healthier, and more productive. For a quality kid-friendly essential oil, try using the Otis Blend.

Essential Oils for You

Using kid-safe essential oils are amazing for your family, but what about you personally? Essential oils at their full strength are what will really give you the best aromatherapy experience. Putting a few drops in your bath or applying some directly to your skin (after diluting a drop or two in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil) are a few ways to get healthy benefits from essential oils.

If you want to try amazing natural essential oils at their full strength, consider trying oils from Aura Cacia. All of the products are high quality and all natural.

Discover all kinds of ways to bring great scents into your life using essential oils.


Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash