How to Get More Focused on Fitness After Pregnancy

The old saying is true, a woman’s body is never quite the same after pregnancy. This is not always a bad thing. Some women develop a physique that is shapelier than ever.

On the other hand, others may struggle to get into shape. The stomach area in particular, can be problematic. Once skin is stretched out it can be hard to get those abs firmed up again.

Many will be eager to get their bodies back, but this can be hard to do when you are trying to take care of a new baby. However, women who are committed will be able to find the time. Read on to find some tips that are valuable for women getting focused on fitness after pregnancy. 

3 Ways to Get Focused on Fitness

Take the Baby with You

Babies need fresh air. Taking walks with your baby is the perfect way to get fit.

Some women will even take their babies along on jogs and runs. However, it’s important to realize that high intensity exercises are not recommended for women who just gave birth. Therefore, you might want to wait a few weeks before you are ready for intense workouts. 

Another option for taking your baby with you while exercising is stroller fitness. These are classes that allow moms to take their babies along. They will get a chance to socialize with other new mothers while finding intensity level options that are right for them.

Insist on Some Me Time

While it is possible for mothers to take their babies along while they exercise, me-time is important too. If you are focused on fitness and have friends and relatives that are available to help out, don’t be afraid to ask them to step in. It’s likely they will enjoy spending time with your child.

While they are watching your child, take some time to exercise and while you’re at it, why not throw in a bit of shopping and an hour or so at the spa?

Try to Get Some Sleep

Many new mothers are sleep deprived and that just isn’t good for fitness. A lack of sleep makes you feel less motivated to work out, and even if you force yourself to exercise, you will be sluggish and won’t get the most out of the activity. Beyond that, a lack of sleep can also affect your physical and mental health which is not good for you or your baby.

If you have a partner that can help you out, try caring for the baby in shifts. If possible, have one parent stay up late with the baby while the other wakes up early. That way, each of you can get a few hours of solid sleep. 

And once again, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help. See if you can get someone to watch your baby so you can get some nap time.

Getting focused on fitness after pregnancy is not easy, but if you have the right mindset and a good support team, eventually you will be able to get back in shape. Take it slow and you are sure to start seeing results in no time.


Photo by Alyssa Stevenson on Unsplash